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BROOKFIELD — Looking for a place to take a break from a busy day or to meet up with friends? Check out the town’s new pocket park, which was constructed as part of the third of six phases of a $12.4 million streetscape development project.

The third phase of the yearslong project, which has just been completed at a cost of $1.6 million, is the smallest of the six phases, Brookfield community development specialist Greg Dembowski said.

“We’ve created a new place for people to congregate and for walkers to sit,”  Dembowski said of the pocket park at 756 Federal Road in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts Plaza.

“We put in some benches and … a bike rack and put a lot of trees and shrubs in,” he said. Visitors to the pocket park “can (also) go to a restaurant for lunch or for a cup of coffee.”

The rest of phase three was an extension of phase two and involved constructing 1,300 feet of roadway and 2,100 feet of sidewalks; adding 15 sidewalk lights; and reconstructing seven driveways.

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