new tenant or renovation

A Certificate of Occupancy from the Building Official and a Certificate of Zoning Compliance are required for a new tenant to move into an existing commercial or industrial space.

Completing a building application for Tenant Fit-Up starts the process for securing these documents. If all work is interior to fit up the space for a new tenant, or if the tenant is just moving in to the space with no work, this application will be more limited, but include review by the Zoning Enforcement Officer, the Health Department, Fire Marshal, and Building Official.

  • Zoning Enforcement Officer must make a determination that the use is permitted in the zone.
  • Fire Marshall will evaluate
  • Emergency exits
  • Construction fire ratings for the structure and walls
  • Need for sprinklers, and if required, sprinkler design
  • Health Department review elements typically include
  • Restaurant or personal care licenses, if needed
  • Bathroom count
  • Kitchen, if any
  • Septic design, unless Town sewers can be used
  • Building Official will ensure that the construction meets building codes for the proposed use.

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