Best Small Town In Connecticut

Money Magazine researched literally thousands of small towns across the U.S. and not only was Brookfield 1st in CT but was also rated in the first 26 in the entire country. The magazine’s data crunching ”paid close attention to how well towns were doing economically, from unemployment rates to job growth to housing appreciation, affordability and more”.

They recognized however, that a place is more than the sum of its numbers. In addition to thriving, “they’ve also got all you could want in a place to raise a family; plenty of green space, good schools, a strong sense of community.”

Located in Fairfield County, Brookfield is best known for its quality of life and its New England charm. Situated between two major lakes, we offer superior shopping, excellent schools, and a commercial base that allows one of the lowest tax rates in the region.

recent news Brookfield Town Center Revitalization Update
“Our vision of creating a pedestrian-friendly streetscape and roadway improvements in a newly revitalized Town Center reached two new milestones. The CT DOT approved the bid package for Phase 1 and it was advertised in the News-Times, the Town’s website and the State Contracting portal. The Town held a mandatory pre-bid meeting for interested contractors
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Town Center and the Initiative
The Brookfield Town Center initiative was created to revitalize what we all call “The Four Corners,” a well-known community landmark and so named because of its historic junction of two major thoroughfares, State Routes 7 and 25. The Town Center initiative, based on thorough and sound planning, contains a clear vision of what the people of Brookfield intend in this significant revitalization.